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Destiny's Sword
2Dogs Games
2Dogs Games
Release date(s)
Q2 2020

Destiny's Sword is a squad-based combat/strategy MMORPG that combines exciting, cinematic combat with unique social game mechanics for managing the physical and mental wellbeing of your team as their commander in an ongoing PvP faction war.

Destiny's Sword is about more than just crunching numbers to achieve dominance – you can manage your characters' psychology and mental health throughout their combat careers. Destiny's Sword features a realistic portrayal of mental health issues, highlighting the long term consequences of conflict.

Success Redefined[ | ]

Destiny's Sword is a community-first MMO – it's not about how much you can personally win and hoard, but about how much you contribute to the group and elevate those around you. The cooperative game mechanics ensure that all players are valued and can contribute in a meaningful way, regardless of your achievement level or intensity of play.

Communication and cooperation between players is an essential ingredient of combat success, and everything from taking down an epic boss to helping characters recover from physical and mental injuries is a team effort.

Success in the game is about more than winning on the battlefield. It's about creating bonds - with your characters as well as other players. There is a heavy focus on contributing to the group and elevating those around you, and the choices you make will directly impact the outcome. Destiny's Sword is about community and uniting players, both in-game and through unique experiences that players will want to talk about and share.

Get to Know Your Characters[ | ]

Your characters can experience over 80 different feelings via our Insight Engine technology.

The Insight Engine provides every character with a unique personality and backstory, and allows you to track and manage their psychological development. Characters will be affected by their combat experience, interactions with other characters, random life events, and even your actions and choices. They can be wounded and killed, but they can also suffer persistent mental health issues like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction.

All actions and decisions have a consequence, and your role is to help the characters understand and deal with those consequences. This is something characters will truly struggle over, not blithely waltz through, unaffected and unfazed.

We're Putting our Money Where our Mouth Is[ | ]

Our ethical monetization model promises to eliminate pay-to-win, lootboxes and reward removal mechanics. We're putting you - the player - first. Fair and honest monetization, coupled with progression mechanics that allow you to play on your schedule, not ours.

Destiny's Sword is a socially-driven MMO that cultivates empathy, strategic thinking and cooperation. Are you up for the challenge?

Game support[ | ]

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